Class V (English)
At this stage the students will:

  • build effective strategies for learning new spellings and correcting mis-spelt words
  • explore unfamiliar words and display their comprehension through use
  • use a thesaurus to extend vocabulary and enrich writing
  • read widely and analyze and compare the structures of different stories
  • write own versions of legends, myths and fables
  • shape and organize ideas clearly when speaking or writing
  • develop confidence in using English in performances


CLASS V (Mathematics)

  • Read and write large numbers ( millions place)
  • Solve one-step and two-step problems involving whole numbers and decimals and all operations, choosing and using appropriate calculation strategies
  • Solve basic operations on fractions
  • Develop knowledge of percentage and average
  • Read, choose, use and record standard metric units to estimate and measure length, weight and capacity to a suitable degree of accuracy
  • Convert units from larger to smaller.
  • Visualize 3-D objects from 2-D drawings; make nets of common solids
  • Draw polygons and classify angles
  • Measure and calculate volume of cube and cuboids


CLASS V (General Science)

  • The students will :
    collect evidence in a variety of contexts to answer a question
  • suggest ideas and make predictions
  • acquire knowledge of life processes to bring awareness about differences between living and non-living things
  • learn to sort materials according to properties
  • identify simple trends and patterns and suggest explanation for the same.
  • use knowledge and understanding to plan how to carry out an experiment or collect sufficient evidence to test an idea
  • choose apparatus and decide what to measure
  • study in default about human structure and parts of plants
  • gain knowledge of simple machines to ease our work


CLASS V (Social Science)

  • The student will develop ability to:
    understand the need of living together in a community and importance of social organization
  • know about relationships and interdependence between different genres of society
  • possess awareness about socio-political set up of the country
  • examine the various factors influencing the structure of society
  • understand the interface between science ,society, technology and the environment