Terms & Conditions


  2. Demo classes will be provided only after successful registration.
  3. Registration fee is Rs. 500/-.
  4. Every new student needs to take appearing test for each subject he/she wishes to study here.
  5. During demo period concerned subject teacher will bring the student on par with the class and clarify any doubts, if any.
  6. Before introducing the student to main class 50% fee needs to be deposited in office.
  8. We have only Annual Fee provision and the entire fee needs to be deposited in advance.
  9. After demo classes 50% of total fee needs to be deposited in office along with 50% in PDCs.
  11. Intimation from parents is must in writing to initiate the refund process.
  12. At least a quarter fee will be chargeable i.e., 1st April, 1st July and 1st
  13. Administrative charges Rs. 1250/-, support material charges Rs. 1500/- upto VIII classes, Rs. 2000/- for classes IX – X and Rs. 2500/- for classes XI – XII.
  14. Result Policy
  15. It is mandatory for the student to appear in each weekly / fortnightly / monthly / full syllabus tests in Daksh.
  16. Marks attained in school in each and every test will be shared by the student to the concerned teacher in Daksh.
  17. Result depends on the cumulative effort of student, parents and teachers. We promise of 100% effort from our side. We will not be solely responsible for success and failure of your ward.