Maths Olympiads

Math is the most interesting and difficult subject as per the students. As mathematics is useful in all spheres of life, students should take utmost care to learn maths. Our aim is to prepare students for Maths Olympiad exams through sample papers, mock test papers and topic-wise practice papers which test your innate problem solving and numerical skills.

Maths Olympiad exams test skills in different areas as follows:

  • Number and Arithmetic
  • Algebra and Patterns
  • Measures and Units
  • Space and Geometry
  • Chance and Data

Below is the list of major Maths Olympiad exams:

Science Olympiads

We help students to prepare for Science Olympiad through sample papers, topic-wise practice papers and mock test papers

Below are some benefits of Science Olympiad Exams:

  • Science Olympiad exams do a lot more to bring out the best in a child
  • Increased in-depth knowledge and understanding of science concepts
  • Science Olympiad problems are more tricky and conceptual which helps students understand the topic well
  • Science Olympiad helps cultivate a kind of analytical thinking in children
  • Experience science as real scientists and apply the scientific method with meaning

Below is the list of popular Science Olympiads:


National Level Science Talent Search Examination (NSTSE)

We help students of class 2 to 10 in preparation of NSTSE exam and courses through sample question and practice papers.


About National Level Science Talent Search Examination (NSTSE)

NSTSE is a diagnostic test which helps students improves their overall learning ability and educational performance.

Unlike other tests which generally only find out how much a student has memorised, NSTSE measures how well a student has understood the foundation of concept and provides a detailed feedback regarding it, to help him/her improve.

Thus NSTSE helps each student to know early, where exactly are the problems. Students get to know as to in which concepts they are lacking so that some immediate steps can be taken to correct or understand the concepts properly.


NSTSE Syllabus and Marking Scheme

Class No. of Questions Marks/Question
2 50 50
3 75 75
4 – 10 100 100

* Duration of the examination for all classes 90 minutes.


Division of Marks in the question paper:

For Classes II :
Mathematics 25
Science 25
For Classes III :
Mathematics 40
Science 35
For Classes IV & V :
Mathematics 45
Science 45
General Questions 10
For Classes VI to X :
Mathematics 25
Physics 25
Chemistry 20
Biology 20
General Questions 10


The medium of the test will be English.

There will be a different question paper for each class.

All the questions are of the objective-type with no negative marking for wrong answers.

Schedule for 2017-2018 examination

The exam will be held on 24th January and 4th February 2018.


  • The paper has very interesting questions that requires deep thinking.
  • It provides detailed assessment highlighting their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Provides a skill-wise report of the student’s performance and his/her peers.


Cyber Olympiads

With the advent of computers, there have been significant changes in the way we work in almost all the fields. The computerization has helped improve productivity and accelerate decision making in every organization. Even for individuals, be it engineers, doctors, chartered accountants or homemakers, the style of working has changed drastically.

As a result, schools have started putting more focus on computer education. Olympiad Success helps student through sample papers, topic-wise practice papers and mock test papers which helps in various national and international level competitive exams in the field of computers.

Below are the major examinations related to computers organized by various organizations: