Class IV (English)
At this stage the students will:

  • investigate spelling patterns, generate and test rules that govern them
  • seek alternatives for repetitive expressions
  • extend the range of reading
  • use dictionary efficiently while encountering a new word
  • understand sequential progression in a narrative
  • vary the use of vocabulary and level of detail according to purpose
  • begin to develop ideas thoughtfully and convey opinions emphatically
  • make short notes from a text and use them to aid writing


Class IV (Mathematics)

At this stage the students will:

  • Read and write numbers beyond thousands place
  • Use operations to solve problems in whole numbers
  • Develop mental calculation strategies for all the basic operations
  • Solve mathematical puzzles or problems, recognize and explain patterns and relationships
  • Recall quickly multiplication facts up to 10 × 10 and use them to multiply pairs of multiples
  • Use knowledge of rounding, number operations and inverses to estimate and check calculations
  • Use decimal notation for tenths and hundredths and partition decimals; relate the notation to money and measurement
  • Know angles are measured in degrees
  • Measure and calculate area and perimeter of simple shapes
  • Read timetables and time using 24-hour clock notation
  • Use a calendar to calculate time intervals
  • Collect, record, analyze and interpret data in the form of tally marks and bar graph


Class IV (General Science)

The students will :

  • collect evidence in a variety of contexts to answer a question
  • suggest ideas and make predictions
  • acquire knowledge of life processes to bring awareness about differences between living and non-living things
  • learn to sort materials according to properties
  • identify simple trends and patterns and suggest explanation for the same.
  • use knowledge and understanding to plan how to carry out an experiment or collect sufficient evidence to test an idea
  • choose apparatus and decide what to measure
  • study in default about human structure and parts of plants
  • gain knowledge of simple machines to ease our work


Class IV (Social Science)

The students will :

  • understand the need of living together in a community and importance of social organization
  • know about relationships and interdependence between different genres of society
  • possess awareness about socio-political set up of the country
  • examine the various factors influencing the structure of society
  • understand the interface between science ,society, technology and the environment