8 Science – All Chapters (1)

8 Science – All Chapters (2)

8_Algebraic Expressions and Identities Assignment 10

8_algebraic expressions_0

8_Comparing Quantities Assignment 9

8_Comparing Quantities Assignment 10

8_Construction of Quadrilaterals Assignment 2

8_Construction of Quadrilaterals Assignment 3

8_cubes and cube roots_0

8_Data Handling Assignment 10


8_direct and inverse proportions

8_direct and inverse proportions_0

8_Exponents and Powers Assignments 10

8_Factorisation Assignment 6

8_Introduction to Graphs Assignment 9

8_Linear Equations Assignment 10_0


8_Playing with Numbers Assignment 3

8_Practical Geometry

8_Rational Numbers Assignment 10

8_square and square roots_0


8_Visualising Solid Shapes Assignment 3